• Eyelash Extensions in Miami

Eyelash Extensions in Miami

Eyelash Extensions in Miami

Best price Eyelash Extensions in Miami - studio Lashvolume. My name is Anzhelika Khaperskaya and I am a certified eyelash lash maker in Russia. In this blog, I want to share with you information from Russia about how we make eyelash extensions. So the eyelashes are silk and mink are the same eyelashes made from one synthetic polymer. In 2014-2015 in Russia they were separated, but in the last time the technology went far ahead and all the masters in Russia use only silk eyelashes because they are better and better. I work exclusively on premium brands developed in Korea, including removers. All my clients wear silk eyelashes for at least 6 weeks. Not only quality materials allow you to achieve this result, but also the professional work of the lash maker.

In Miami it is very popular to do a volumetric eyelash extension Russian volume. In Russia, the Russian volume is called the Hollywood volume :) This is an eyelash extension in which one eyelash is lined with 3 eyelashes connected to the base in one. This eyelash extension is also called 3D eyelash extensions. Many of my clients in Russia love this volume.

If you want to emphasize the natural look of your eyelashes, I recommend doing a full volume or volume of 2D. This type of eyelash extension will allow you to look as natural as possible.

To sum up, I want to say that the result of eyelash extensions will depend on two things: 1. the work of the master of eyelash extension, his level, experience and qualification. 2. quality materials that will be selected individually for you. Bending eyelashes, the size and length of the eyelashes greatly affect the ease of their use and the life of their use.

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